Why Hire a Veteran and a Veteran-Owned Business?

Not only is SoHo Dragon a Veteran Owned Business, but we also hire Veterans. We believe that Veterans possess unique capabilities that are increasingly becoming harder to find in a complex world. Interestingly enough, SoHo’s core values of, Integrity, Leadership, Commitment, and Realism are all values that most Veterans already possess. The fact that a Veteran decided to make a commitment to their country for other’s freedom is a huge statement about that person, which stands alone in so many ways. These facts and other attributes common with Veterans are reasons that SoHo hires Veterans and what SoHo is all about. These values cannot be taught. This is what makes Veterans unique and makes SoHo Dragon unique.

If you are a veteran that is looking for a new opportunity or a company that wants to hire a veteran-owned business for our IT staffing and consulting services, please contact SoHo Dragon


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