Training Can Be Your Ticket to Advancement

A recent email from an online university shared this smart observation: “Employers notice people who keep learning.” Learning helps you stand out as someone who progresses and doesn’t stand still. With all the disruption in our world today, businesses cannot afford to have staffers who stand still.  

According to Business News Daily, “When hiring, employers analyze a job candidate’s current skills and assess their ability to learn new ones. Growth potential is an essential quality in an employee, and a willingness to learn demonstrates that capability.” When you take classes to learn new software programs or business disciplines, it shows you have the capacity to acquire new skills that can benefit an employer. And, when you study to acquire new capabilities and certifications, you can help an employer qualify for the kinds of contracts and assignments it seeks to do. Best of all, when you increase your capabilities, it opens you up to new and expanded opportunities. 

How do you decide what to study? You can start by listing your goals and seeking training to help you reach them. Maybe you want to: 

  • improve your soft skills to rise a level in the managerial hierarchy 
  • learn a language so you can work overseas 
  • learn about law and accounting so you better understand business 
  • become the best at a technology your company uses so you can be the go-to person 
  • learn new software your company needs so you can become indispensable  
  • learn more about your current job to skill up for your next position 

Taking more training doesn’t always mean you have to shell out tons of money for an extended course of study or another four-year degree. Instead, you can pinpoint the credential needed and skill up accordingly.  

This is particularly true in the field of IT.  For example, you can take  M365 and SharePoint training to boost your knowledge of software tools that are essential for office workers. With Microsoft’s dominance in software for the office, taking SharePoint training for power users or SharePoint training for administrators can help business and employees gain valuable skills. Taking classes in Power Apps and Power BI can improve the marketability of IT professionals. 

Employers look for candidates who invest in lifelong learning, and some are willing to pay to help you on that journey. As a professional, make it your job to find employers who are willing to invest in your continuous improvement! 

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