How IT Workers Can Find New Jobs During and After the Great Resignation

During the pandemic, people worked harder than ever just to keep businesses up and running. Many had to stretch their capabilities, learn new skills on the fly, pivot, and roll with the times. Some people lost their jobs. Everyone had to adjust, and then readjust as work requirements changed almost daily. 

With restrictions lifted, more and more people are headed back to the office, commuting, and adjusting their mask-wearing habits. But not everyone is happy transitioning to the way things were in the “before” times. Earlier this year, record numbers of workers quit their jobs in what is known as the great resignation. According to Harvard Business Review, people are rethinking the whole idea of work and what they want from it. Many employees, including IT professionals, got comfortable working remotely and having more flexibility to care for family members and themselves. Some feel they are ready for the next level of advancement and for higher compensation. And others are exploring how they can find deeper meaning in their work.

Whatever your reasons are for looking, the number of job openings remains high, even as the economy changes. Glassdoor senior economist Daniel Zhao says, “Despite concerns about a slowdown … the labor market’s fundamentals look healthy.”

If you are an IT professional, this is a great time to search for a new position if you are ready for a job change. Once you have updated your resume, you can begin the process with these steps:

  • Reach out to your network – Family, friends, alumni, and former colleagues who know you and the quality of your work can be the best conduits to referrals for your next gig.
  • Search the job boards – You can start looking on big sites like Indeed or Ziprecruiter, or browse on LinkedIn, but this can take a lot of leg work.
  • Contact an IT staffing firm like SoHo Dragon – The recruiters at SoHo Dragon are knowledgeable and focused on technology, which can save you considerable time in your search.

There are more reasons for IT professionals to conduct their job searches with an IT staffing and consulting firm like SoHo Dragon:

  • You can explore a new company or industry to see how you like it. Then on the next project, you get to explore another company.
  • You can pursue a new direction and use a new skill or certification you’ve acquired.
  • Many jobs offer the kind of flexibility and remote work you may have become accustomed to during COVID.

SoHo Dragon specializes in Microsoft and Murex software. We hire full-time and consulting software developers and engineers, business analysts, and project managers to work in a variety of verticals and high-profile settings, and many positions allow for remote work.

At SoHo Dragon, we routinely check in with our employees to see how they are doing and how we can make their lives easier. We foster a culture that lets you learn and grow on the job. And we are committed to enriching our workforce with a diversity of employees by reaching out to attract women and other groups that have historically been overlooked.

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