Finding IT Workers During the Great Resignation

In the past year, a shocking number of Americans have quit their jobs in what is known as the Great Resignation. And while you may think this trend only affects low-wage jobs, the opposite is true. According to the research firm, Gartner, over 70% of IT workers are considering changing jobs this year. Companies are coming to realize that the people they employ are valuable assets. With IT workers scarce, companies are grappling with a lack of personnel, trying to figure out how to find qualified workers and how to hold on to them.  

This is no easy task. The pandemic changed many things including how employees view work. Today’s workers are different from the workers of two years ago. When the rate of Covid infection was high and people worked remotely, they got used to not having to commute and having more flexible hours. A recent article in Harvard Business Review states that during the pandemic many people began questioning the meaning and purpose of their work, and some are taking the time to evaluate and reinvent themselves. In addition, some employees still may want to continue working remotely due to fear of Covid.  

Finding ways to satisfy today’s IT workers is a challenge and it may take some time to reach solutions. Meanwhile, you still need to fill positions, including those for IT professionals, to run your organization. That’s where an IT staffing and consulting firm like SoHo Dragon comes in. Whether you need IT staff augmentation or need us to handle entire IT consulting projects, we can help. SoHo Dragon has a multitude of sourcing strategies, extensive resume databases, and personal contacts and networks. We know which IT professionals are good, where they are working, and when they may become available. Whether you need a database engineer with Power BI and SQL experience, a DevOps engineer with Azure and AWS expertise, or a Murex business analyst, we can find IT professionals to meet your needs.  

So, whether it’s for the long-term or the short-term, IT staffing services from SoHo Dragon is a practical, real-world solution you should consider. We’ll be happy to sit down and talk with you about your specific needs. Go ahead and contact us here.

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