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Our substantial experience in IT affords us a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in technical roles. This expertise (is one of the things that) sets us apart from the IT staffing companies in New York and New Jersey. We’ve created a powerful process to select extraordinary candidates in the sea of technology talent. We have access to thousands of candidates, mainly in the greater New York City area, that are passionate and skilled technologists. We screen the candidates on their technical, interpersonal, and communication skills, and we make sure they fit into your organization’s culture. Ultimately, we look for the “IT-factor” in all our candidates!


The market for highly qualified tech candidates is competitive – and it isn’t getting any easier. We can connect you with IT talent with the “IT-factor”. Our staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry and in IT recruitment that will help you find the right talent, whether you need them for just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term. With the flexibility to help organizations scale up or down depending on their needs and priorities, we enable you to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities.


Our experienced technologists are deeply involved in the technical screening of candidates. We line up interviews to streamline the process. With our background in Financial Services, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction we have a deep understanding of the business side of the interview process.  We are respectful of your time and unlike other IT headhunters in NYC, we have a vast network and extensive database of experts to tap into to find the perfect role for you.  Get in touch with us at SoHo Dragon and let's talk about your specific IT staffing needs. 

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