Tips on Hiring IT Rock Stars!

Great developers and tech engineers are more in demand than ever before. With so many businesses competing for a slice of the talent pool, standing out from the crowd can be a monstrous task. So how do you go about recruiting – and, ultimately, hiring – the best talent around?

Well, that’s a tough question… But I am here to help!

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have access to and training on the latest technology before it becomes available to the public. Tech’s love this and the continual training and certifications we provide on IT security and other technologies. Our Dragon’s work on a variety of deployments- Office 365, SharePoint, BI, etc., specifically with SMB clients. In addition, they work directly with Microsoft on case study creation and have been featured in multiple Microsoft publications: Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook“It’s a rock star atmosphere that techs love, here are 5 tips on hiring them.”

1. Tell the “story” of your business
Before you can even begin the recruiting process, the art of storytelling must be perfected and a recruiter must be able to answer the following questions:

  • The Market Story: Why was the company formed and what is its potential?
  • The Product Story: What problems does the technology solve?
  • The Relevance Story: Why do the company and technology matter?

Once the story has been crafted, ensure landing top talent by having a smooth and timely recruiting/interview process.

2. Offer an open and challenging company culture
Top tech talent is going to be primarily found in the Millennial generation. These candidates want to see a collaborative culture of learning and challenging teamwork along with an openness for differing ideas and acceptance of individual quirks. They want to see the “big picture“.

3. Place an emphasis on uniqueness and diversity
Focus on talking more about how the organization is unique and different in at least a few if not all aspects. Emphasize specific projects and technologies that the teams work on. Showcase career path and growth opportunities within the team and other related teams. Up-Sell about corporate culture and work environment.

Highlight skills and technical experience on a particular profile that caught your eye when you talk to candidates. It helps to know that the Recruiter/HR team took more than 2mins to scan a resume. You can also partner with other entrepreneurs/startups to reach a wider diverse talent pool.

4. Look beyond technical skills alone
We deliberately seek out candidates with a team player outlook and that crave a small enterprise setting. Effective managers require both great soft skills (communications, teamwork) and technical prowess. This type of “utility” player thrives in an organization like Soho that challenges many skill sets. Candidates like this really thrive in a fast pace environment that we play in.

5. Give them all the information upfront
Candidates want information at every stage of the hiring game. So by providing job seekers with all the information they are looking for, it will push interest and excitement to apply for position immediately. This is done by making information about the company and the position available and easy to find on your website. It’s about going beyond detailing the basic responsibilities of the position in the job post and answering questions like:

  • – What types of career development and advancement are available?
  • – How will their job impact the organization as a whole?
  • – Is the work meaningful?

If you can adapt at these 5 tips in some sort of capacity, you’ll begin to see a difference in both quality and retention, in terms of your employees. I promise we are not just “blowing smoke“! Contact us with any of your IT staff augmentation needs. We’d love to help!

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